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Creeping - either crawling or walking while hunched over - implies a gesture of subservience.With that in mind, although John could be seen as the domineering villain of the story, he is simply a reflection of his society.

John has to stay overnight in town, and the narrator realizes that this is her last chance to free the woman in the wallpaper.

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The Yellow Wallpaper study guide contains a biography of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.Although the woman is trapped behind the chaotic yellow wallpaper, she is essentially in the same position as the narrator: imprisoned in the domestic sphere and unable to escape without being strangled by the bars of social expectation.When she tears down the wallpaper over her last couple of nights, she believes that she has finally broken out of the wallpaper within which John has imprisoned her.

The narrator explains that she simply pulled it off because the pattern is so ugly, and Jennie, much relieved, jokes that she would not mind doing it herself.As a writer, the narrator thrives in her use of her imagination, and her creativity is an inherent part of her nature.

A quick-reference summary: The Yellow Wallpaper on a single page.The multitudes of women that the narrator sees are perhaps these early practitioners of feminism, who draw strength in their numbers and who, having crept out of the wallpaper, now creep outside.

She untangles its chaotic pattern and locates the figure of a woman struggling to break free from the bars in the pattern.The Question and Answer section for The Yellow Wallpaper is a great.As she looks further into the wallpaper, she is really examining her life and begins to change her mind and talk about how she now despises John.The Yellow Wallpaper is written as a series of diary entries from the perspective of a woman who is suffering from post-partum depression.She has a rope to tie up the woman in case she tries to get away.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman was a turn-of-the-century American feminist and socialist thinker.This moment of liberation again occurs by moonlight when, according to the motif Gilman has drawn, women enjoy a break from the oppression of masculine sunshine.

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In sunlight, the woman stays still, afraid of being caught, and, once she creeps about outside, she does so boldly only at night.She locks the door to the nursery and throws the key down into the front path.

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This is also a reflection of the society conditions of the time, but either way, John abuses his power as both a husband and physician and forces the narrator to remain in an oppressive situation from which her only escape is insanity.When the moon comes out, however, the woman in the wallpaper shakes the pattern.According to the social norms of the time period, women in the 19th century were expected to fulfill their duties as wives and mothers and be content in their existence as nothing more.She is the woman in the wallpaper and no one, not even John, can imprison her in the wallpaper again.

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John faints, and the narrator keeps creeping over him as she goes around the room.