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It costs a lot of money to prosecute each marijuana smoker that is arrested every forty-five seconds in America and that adds up fairly quick.As long as there is a demand for marijuana there will be someone supplying it, but ask yourself who is more responsible.But, with all of the drugs and money flowing in and out of Mexico, there is bound to be a lot of violence.Marijuana Should be Legalized and Allowed to Be Sold in Coffee Shops.Misuse and abuse would be two of many negative results to the legalization of Marijuana.A number of studies have reported that the effects of smoking marijuana for people with psychological problems causes a negative effect.Cannabis can be utilized in many recreational and industrial forms such as, clothing, paper, beauty products, and forms of fuel.If the government wants to have drug policies that are logical and effective, then marijuana should be regulated and taxed similar to alcohol and tobacco.The fact that drugs such as cannabis are addictive and they rob people the free will is a strong fact that critics use in order to argue against the legalization of cannabis.

That brings into question if the legalization of certain drugs should be considered or if it is best to keep them illegal.Couldnt have said it better myself, be careful not to open an essay with. (subject) should be. because 1,2,3. conclusion.Marijuana is also legal in fourteen states for medical use, and over 2,500 different physicians have recommended it for use by their patients.Find a, 2013 one question by legalizing marijuana is delta tetrahyddrocannibino, essays on legalizing marijuana persuasive essay:.From that perspective, it can be argued that if the medical reason can be used to legalize marijuana, then cocaine should indeed have been legalized long before marijuana since it has a stronger numbing effect (Moudgil 77).This makes it the best drug to be put into medical use as it back is controlled.Caffeine and nicotine are the only ones to beat marijuana as being at a smaller degree of intoxication.

In order for a drug to be schedule one, the substance has to have no medical uses, and the drug also has to have a high potential for abuse.Marijuana legalization, medical marijuana, and marijuana facts news.Here given is a professionally written academic essay example on the issue of legalization of.Additionally, thirty to forty percent of patients with the aforementioned disorder can not consistently be helped or able to tolerate these standard medications.

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In 1999, The United States Institute of Medicine conducted a study to assess any potential benefits of Marijuana in the medicinal region.

Marijuana is a schedule one drug, and has no medicinal purpose.And since alcohol and since alcohol and psychological essays -- gang violence: a nursing essay, the job last month.The use of drugs for other purposes apart from medical purpose is extremely harmful.

In order to demonstrate this cause, the difference between illegal and legal substances (specifically alcohol and marijuana) must be abolished.In that perspective, it can be argued that, the fact that an increasing number of Americans favor legalization of marijuana implies that it is high time the government legalized marijuana.Some of these ill effects are direct and some alter the behavior and motor skills of the drinker, helping them do things they would not usually do.By the way, you give a boatload of facts, but have absolutely no sources.

Alcohol alone can cause gastritis, pancreatitis, ulcers, liver cancer, cirrhosis, and other liver diseases.Take a persuasive essay legalization of legalizing marijuana.

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However, many writers apply one in particular, persuasive speech.Moreover, it can be noted that the use of marijuana causes irrational thinking and incase of drivers who use cannabis, research has found that they may have impaired judgments and cause accidents (Parry, 699).

For these reasons, I believe that Marijuana, for medical purposes only, should be legalized in the United States.More specifically, we are seeing a change in the attitude toward marijuana and whether or not it should be legalized.Also, 281 million dollars was projected to be spent on federal prisons for the housing of drug offenders.

Since 2006, it is estimated that over 28,000 people have died directly from drug-related violence.

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Thus, the argument that cannabis can be used for medical reasons is termed, as been an excuse.Lastly, the United States spends so much of our tax dollars on keeping marijuana illegal when the country could gain trillions if it were legalized, taxed, and regulated.Two essay traces of parliament have increased the revolutionary acronyms of contrast names, and removed intellectual changes.It is the demand of the drug that allows criminals to keep selling it.

This study concluded that smoking marijuana has negative effects as compared to the more effective medications currently available, and should not be used as a treatment.It will also allow for money spent on enforcement to be spent more wisely thus increasing revenue.