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Both have to do with when an atom (or molecule) gains or loses electrons, which means there are more or less electrons in the.

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Group- a vertical column on the periodic table in which all elenments have the same number of electrons in.These articles can enhance your knowledge of Chemistry basics.

Reply 4 years 6 months ago Guest kevin asaro Share On Twitter Share On Google hi Vote Up 0 Vote Down.Positively charged protons are what comprise the nucleus of an atom, along with the electrically neutral neutrons.As result it provides a useful framework for analyzing chemical behaviour and is widely used in chemistry and other sciences.The alkaline earth metals are another name for the group 2 metals in the periodic table.

It is the only metal that is at a liquid form at normal temperatures on a account of its.As it happen, electrons of the outermost shell experience increasingly strong nuclear attraction.

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Asked by monte-carlo on December 22, 2009 at 10:10 PM via web.The temperature at which various elements change phase depends on both the temperature they are at as well as the pressure they are placed under.

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The two most popular elements in this group are Boron and Aluminum.Homework Help collects most frequently homework questions and answers for you.The Periodic Table of Elements chapter of this Chemistry Homework Help course helps students complete their periodic table homework and earn better grades.Reply 5 months 14 days ago Guest Munam Raza Share On Twitter Share On Google Thanks a lot Vote Up 0 Vote Down.Atomic weights are simply identification tags that tell us how many protons and electrons an atom has. This.The periodic table is a system for arranging the chemical elements.Write your own text using the chemical elements of the periodic table.

The 4 families of the elements are described at the links below.These orbit around at different energy levels, called shells, the innermost shell being the most tightly bound to the positively charged nucleus. Two.

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Each electron follows a path around the center of the atom, or.How is the periodic table like the map you used on your last road trip.

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As a metal it should satisfy all the properties of a metal.But why MERCURY is a metal which is.Elements are presented in the order of increasing atomic number.

The elements in the Periodic Table are arranged from left to right and top bottom based upon what.Everyone has trouble with their homework from time to time. Dynamic Periodic Table.Periodic table Given by Lothar MeyerLothar Meyer is best known for the contribution he had in the periodic classification of the elements.