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The first source is mostly about the mistreatment of the Third Estate by the First Estate, Second Estate, and King Louis XVI (who is in front of the other Estates, using the Third Estate to carry them all along).Through land and tax reforms, revolutionaries decreased the national debt, and eventually were able to gain sufficient income to operate the country effectively.Essay about Causes and Effects of the French Revolution.Revolution.Disagreements and quarrels continued between different social classes.The peasants were given unfair treatment by the government, whereas the citizens of th.Only a year before Napoleon was born, Genoa had been forced to sell Corsica to France.Topics in Paper French Revolution Social Class Louis XVI Of France The Country Voltaire Tax Bourgeoisie History Of France French Government.

In the next three years, the French overthrew their monarch and established a government and constitution that promised equal rights for all.

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One event that Robespierre was responsible for was the Festival of the Supreme Being.

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Widespread famine and hunger, due to a grain shortage, rampaged through sections of the country.Within this time period, France underwent a drastic change as Enlightenment ideas swept through the nation, redefining the government and social life of the French with ideals such as liberty, equality, and fraternity.

He picked fights with the smaller nations, destroyed stability and institutionalized another dictatorship in France.The French Revolution was an epoch of great political and social change in the late eighteenth century.There lived the poor people whom lived off of their land and the business of other people, which created the bottom of the social classes.

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No other period of history would have such a large influence on France as the French Revolution.

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Causes Of The French Revolution. The French Revolution of 1789 had several causes not only due to political,.A lot of the anger for this is directed at the church because they have been taking 10% and the high officials are living lavishly rather than helping the poor.Causes of the French Revolution The. a new cause to abolish the. to read essay Causes of the French Revolution and other.

They had spent huge sums of money on the French and Indian War, and the king and nobility consumed much money to keep up with their lavish lifestyles.However, the Enlightenment encouraged people to be skeptical about divine right that institutions claimed to have (Enlightenment, Its Origins and the French Revolution 15).

Also, revolutionary ideas were instilled within the people during the Enlightenment.This unfair condition prompted decreasing support for the government and the rise of a revolution.Shortly after their formation, they passed the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen on August 26, 1789 (1, pg 448).The nobility were only required to pay the land tax, property taxes as well as taxes on roads and services.The credit is given to all these revolutions for enlightenment of mankind.

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Finally, there lived the royalties: King, Queen, and their people.

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Causes of the French Revolution essaysThe French Revolution (circa 1788-1799).Women did not have many rights or much of a voice before the Revolution, but when it started they were able to give opinions and it kept them from giving up on the Revolution.In areas of agriculture, manufacturing, and trade, there were great downturns.King Louis wanted to increase the taxes of the Third Estate to pay off the debts, which made the peasants even angrier, which will be talked about in the next paragraph.The nobles were economically stable due to their extensive land wealth.

The main cause of this revolution was a dispute between social.During the French revolution, France went through countless reforms by switching back and forth from republics to dictatorships.As incredible philosophers like Jean- Jacques Rousseau along with John Locke stepped in, people all over Europe began to realize the importance and even the mere concept of reason and natural rights granted to all persons.In the years before the revolution citizens were rigidly constrained by the estates of the realm.The concept of inequality is not exclusive to the French Revolution.The peasants were given harsh treatment at a time when their economy was experiencing a drastic blow from poor harvests and financial downfall.

Many would argue that the Enlightment was a cause of the French Revolution, but the Enlightment was not one of the main drivers for the Revolution.Not only were the commoners becoming increasingly angry at the careless spending spree for the personal gain of the royal family, but the increasing unemployment rate was forcing many common families into poverty.The French Revolution ended the thousand-year rule of the monarchy in France and began when King Louis XVI gathered representatives from the 3 social groups called the Clergy, the Nobilities and the Commoners to solve a great national debt and economic crisis France was experiencing.At a private meeting, the Third Estate members began to call themselves by the new title of National Assembly, and gained so much support that King Louis XVI was forced to combine all three estates into this assembly.The French Revolution in many ways was a product of the Enlightenment Era gone awry.As a woman effectively on the front lines of war, Williams was able to capture the reality of the revolution and record her observations in Letters, the accepted writing medium of women.During the years leading up to the revolution, France was in massive debt after the Seven Years War.France then was one of the most powerful and wealthiest countries, and had a strong army, and even stronger cultural influence. (Plain, 5) Louis XVI and his wife Marie-Antoinette were shielded from the daily lives of the ordinary people in France.

To do this they had to gain power within the government and make changes, such as, improving the tax system, creating a fair system of production where profits went to the producer, improving the whole economic system of the government, and plus many more.The audience of this movement primarily consisted of the elite class since only the wealthy could afford an education during the 18th century.One of the mess of the budgetary issues of France was the American Revolution.If you need help writing a research paper on the French Revolution and its causes,.

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As a result, the social classes revolted against the King and this led to his execution, which left France without a leader until Napoleon Bonaparte took control of the revolutionaries and became the ruler.