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The sensor detects the face and checks the data base for the relevant information.Cursor Movement by Sixth Sense Technology M.Shanmugapriya. 1. To overcome these problems, in this paper we present a new technology called sixth sense technology.You can be in a taxi going to the airport, and just by taking out your boarding pass, Sixth Sense will grab real time information about your flight and display it over the ticket.Download 5 Pen Pc Technology Documentation.Computers have. 2012 By rameshgavva in CSE Paper Presentations,.SIXTH SENSE TECHNOLOGY Components The hardware components are coupled.The sixth sense technology is all about interacting to the digital world in most efficient and direct way.

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Projection is better in the night time and dark areas rather than mornings and bright areas.All the devices are light in weight and the smart phone can easily fit into the users pocket.SIXTH SENSE TECHNOLOGY. displaying information automatically and letting us to access it in any way we need The Sixth Sense prototype.

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OpenCV libraries were used which contained all functions sufficient to make our project The information that is interpreted through the smart phone can be projected into any surface.The projector itself consists of a battery which have 3 hours of battery life.A tiny LED projector displays the data sent from the smart phone on any surface in view- object, wall or person.

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Sixth Sense Technology Working Of Sixth Sense Technology WORKING OF.Are you looking for sixth sense technology paper presentation in pdf.

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Imagine you are at the supermarket, thinking about what brand of soap is better.Samples PowerPoint presentation Application Paper Scholarship Essay Personal.This is an issue because the vision of the user can be damaged when using this instrument.

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It was made from parts collected together from common devices.This technology is widely used in the fields like asset tracking, supply chain management, manufacturing, payment system etc.

Title: SIXTH SENSE pdf Page Link: SIXTH SENSE pdf - Posted By: sri.....Visit here to get thousands of Technical paper presentation topics for Electrical Engineering and.Information About People: With help of face recognition techniques the sixth sense devices are able to provide information about the people when we meet them.The cost incurred for the construction of the sixth sense proto type is quiet low.

Moreover, fewer work forces are needed as new technologies can automate the work thus reducing the costs more.INTRODUCTION: Sixth Sense is a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information.The sixth sense prototype is comprised of pocket projector, a mirror, mobile components, color markers and a camera.

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Title: sixth sense technology paper presentation Page Link: sixth sense technology paper presentation - Posted By: Guest.Popular presentations See more popular or the latest prezis Product Company Careers Support Community Contact Apps.Concerns about the pricing of this device are also rising among the people.

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Are you looking for sixth sense technology paper presentation pdf free download.

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Please ASK FOR sixth sense technology paper presentation BY CLICK HERE.The software program processes this video stream data and interprets the movements into gestures.View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on SIXTH SENSE TECHNOLOGY PPT. SIXTH SENSE TECHNOLOGY Powerpoint Presentation.

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