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This commando style weapon, with high capacity magazines, in the hands of a mentally or emotionally unstable individual, is a recipe for disaster that could cause great harm and death to the innocent.Many people cannot legally own guns for many reasons, including having a criminal record or being violent.The constitution clearly states that we are given the right to bear arms, meaning we may carry fire arms.There is no evidence that gun control affects the crime rate.Essays, term papers, research papers (related): The 2Nd Amendment Essay Term Paper Gun Control.A beloved freshman at Virginia Tech was to be only the beginning for such a beautiful soul, but instead was an end.I hope after you have read this you will be more educated, and can pick your side of the gun control debate.The critical people of this topic believe that the guns do not kill people, it is the people that kill people.The Issue of Gun Control. gun owners were asked why they own guns. 67% stated that they own guns to protect against crime,.

Gun control is a specific and controversial issue for analysis. Step Four: Write a Few Arguments against Gun Control.Bibliography - Wikipedia (Article subjects: Gun politics in the U.S., Gun Control) - Full transcript More presentations by.

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Passing a law that bans guns is not only unfair to law-abiding citizens, but it is not a very wise law.In 1997, approximately 70 percent of the murders in the United States were committed with guns.Violence associated with guns is increasing every year and something must be done to stop it.Many societies are questioning whether guns really are the helpful tool that many of us have been saying they are, or if they are the killing machines they have recently been publicised as.There are daily accounts reported in the media about shootings.

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Gun Control Essay Examples. An Analysis of the Arguments in Favor and Against Gun Control in the United.Politicians and law makers are constantly trying to find ways to reduce these crimes and keep the public safe.

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By reinforcing background checks we could reduce crimes and limit easy gun access to mentally ill people.

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This method only infringes on the basic and most significant of all American rights, the right to keep and bear arms, as defined in the second amendment.In 2010 there were 2,711 infants, child, and teenage firearm deaths.Gun control laws directly violate this right and therefore should not even be under consideration.Pro-gun control 5 Arguments Against Gun Control—and Why They Darksiders 2.Guns in general have been a major issue in the United States due to the high mortality rates and accidental discharges that occur from untrained users.

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But, the development of new gun technology has made firearms more accessible and deadly.They also believe that if guns were eliminated from the public, then violence and death would decrease heavily in this country.Guns serve for a variety of purposes that range from good to bad.However, when in the wrong hands, guns can be used to do terrible things.Living in New York City means that if anyone ever finds themselves in such a situation, all they can do is hope for the best.Our Founding Fathers gave the citizens of the United States the right to bear arms, and our current government is slowly trying to take it away.

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Several gun control activists have problems with the possibility of owning weapons.Numerous individuals will argue that there are not enough laws and restrictions for firearm owners across the country.The prerequisites are age, no prior felonies, and no recent mental health issues.My Essay on Gun Control for my English Class. cop out, english, essay, government, gun control. the 2nd amendment is meant to protect against.Another solution would be to not make guns available for people with certain mental conditions.The best solution would be to defend yourself with a gun, but if this gun control law passes, if you shoot the burglar, you will probably be framed rather than the actual criminal because you had a gun and the thief did not.

Written by Gun Control Essay. a gun control essay,. for an injunction against enforcement of.

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These two opposing views leave the federal government open to a decision on whether or not to abolish one of our Constitutional rights, or to keep allowing people the right to own a gun.The United States Government should not infringe on those rights by the enforcement of gun control against law-abiding citizens.Americans enjoy the benefit of being able to own guns for decades over people in other countries.Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, by a man named Lee Harvey Oswald.Many find the mere concept of gun control invasive to their constitutional rights, while others see lack of gun control to be astoundingly dangerous and entirely chimerical.Gun Control is NOT the Solution - Arguments against Gun Control The.