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Challenge HGYSTG 1 0 (Maximum 900 words) Submit These are not embryos.Stem cells are unspecialized cells than can create an indefinite.Stem cell research is a new breakthrough in medical technology that could aid in the.President Bill Clinton allowed funding of research on cells. nor clone embryos for research.Scientists need to know this before they can tell that cell what it must become.The Case for Adult Stem Cell Research. by Wolfgang Lillge, M.D. If stem cell research were really only meant for therapeutic uses,.

Stem cell research also holds many possibilities for curing diseases, injuries, and physical disabilities.I know that there are some ethical issues with this, but people should be able to see past them when told it could save or improve lives.For example, I know that there are stem cells in adult humans, they should be used instead of embryos because they can be harvested without the death of the donor.Suppose I murdered my father in order to get my inheritance sooner.Determining that these human embryos can be aborted (killed) to help further other lives opens up a plethora of ethical dilemmas.

The Case for Adult Stem Cell Research

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They believe that this embryo is entitled to the same rights a grown person is allowed (Mitchell 1).Is Islam compatible with democracy: Is Islamic fundamentalism rising around the world.Children and adults have waited for this research for a long time.DVD Duplication -- Tips and Advice to Create Affordable Multiple Copies.


While these scientists waited, a country that dominated the biotech world was falling behind.Safe driving: Is using a turn signal important for safe driving.Overall, we should accept the facts and the potential benefits that embryonic stem cell research can do for human beings.Altogether eleven scholars in Roman Catholic, Jewish, Eastern Orthodox, Islamic, and Protestant traditions presented formal testimony to the commission.Just because an embryo is not a fully formed baby does not mean it does not have life.

This is why the church has always opposed stem cell research, and with good reason, they believe it destroys human life.

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The moment a foetus is conceived, it has life and is a human being.Ban on extremist political parties: Is it ever justified to ban extremist political parties.In addition to this, when performing stem cell operations, there may be unknown outcomes and consequences.With the announcement that came on the ninth of August, many things changed.Thomson as well as several other scientists involved with stem cell research.What about the mentally handicapped or those who are retarded.

Another obstacle that must be overcome is the possibility of immune system rejection.Many of those who oppose ongoing research do so because of a religious stand point regarding life and how much respect an embryo should be awarded.It opens the door for all sorts of other heinous alternatives.Damage to these tissues can severely minimize the quality and meaning of life and so does to this day for millions of people.A man was jailed 22 years for stealing a remote. Has the U.S. justice system gone off the rails.The religion of Islam favors the stance that scientific research and development in terms of stem cell research is allowed as long as it.The commission believed that it was important to get as clear a picture as possible on both the ethical and scientific issues surrounding stem cell research.

These laws remained in effect until several months ago when President Bush changed many of the laws already in affect.President Clinton and his administration realized this need for government control over stem cell research and issued a letter on November 14,1998 to the chairman of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission (NBAC), James Childress, Ph.D. In this letter to Dr.The United States Policy on human stem cell research as articulated by President Bush on August 9, 2001 is as follows: Permits federal funding only for research using cells from approximately 60 stem cell lines identified by the National Institute of Health as having been derived from excess human embryos prior to the August 9 announcement.Therefore taking into account the experience that we already have concerning most of the technological advancements that lead to ozone depletion and many other environmental problems we should not continue with these experiments in order to think of better future for our children.

President Bush, in his statement to the nation stated he had taken all facts into consideration before making his decision.

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The NBAC concluded that it would be acceptable for the federal government to fund research of both types of stem cells.Reply HGYSTG 1 0 (Maximum 900 words) Submit Stem cell research is important.Reply HGYSTG 1 0 (Maximum 900 words) Submit Benefit those needing help Stem cell research is beneficial to all those who have physical and internal disadvantages.