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Intro: One of the most highly debated topics involving schools evolves around prayer in school.Prayer In School essaysPrayer in school is very important issue which is debated among many in present society.

Since 1962 young people in America have been in a downward spiral with nothing to catch them.The Supreme Court has continually denied allowing prayer to seep into the public school systems.

Prayer in school Prayer in school is a controversial issue these days, and it is held dearly in the hearts of many people in America.I am for prayer in the schools, because majority of our young people are not learning how to.

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There should not be any changes concerning prayer in the schools.People that are supportive of this issue feel as if religion will soon be eliminated altogether if it is eliminated from the public school systems.The debate over the pros and cons to allow prayer in school is a divisive issue that likely will remain controversial in the years to come.

Parents want their children to understand the value of prayer, and be able to involve praise in their education.This could continue for decades and we would still come to a disagreement, but what is needed is a solution that both sides of the argument can agree upon or at least satisfy.A student should be allowed to pray voluntarily at the beginning of each school day based on many reasons.People that are opposed to this issue feel as if religion and praise should not be involved into a school environment.With this said, it is obvious that prayer should be allowed in school to develop the maturity of young students.The first few English men to settle the Americas came to this.Prayer is just a conversation with something that you believe in.Read Prayer in School free essay and over 87,000 other research documents.

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This essay will consist of the many arguments for school prayer along with my.The majority of parents say that public schools are expected to teach their children the basic subjects, such as math, reading and writing, not moral values and beliefs that can be taught at home by the parents.

Few topics arouse more controversy and dispute than when religion enters the public sector.

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However, citing separation of church and state in the first Amendment and fourteenth amendment were successful in getting prayer banned through the judicial system.Misconceptions about public school prayer: Many Christians have written essays, prayers or poems about school prayer.

You could walk into virtually any public school and see examples of teacher led prayer and Bible reading.They believe that religion does not have anything to do with education, and religion should not be included in the public.

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I think not having prayer in schools is a big reason why there is violence in the schools.Voluntary student prayer or a moment of silence should be allowed in all public schools.This means that it is unconstitutional if the government creates a law that allows prayers in their institution, or public schools.Many believe that having prayer would prove to be very beneficial to the students.If students and teachers feel that they need to pray or to practice any type of religion then they should have the choice if they want to do it or not.

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To avoid such arguments, it would be far more efficient if religious prayers were kept out of our public schools.I wish to be a pediatrician because I love kids and helping them and making them happy.If the students were aware on the Laws of God and what he expects of his children.During the time I attend school thee was not an issue whether we started our day with a prayer.One group of people is the liberals who believe that religion has no place in the government - not supporting school prayer.Prayer in School Prayer in School term papers discuss whether prayer in schools violates the First Amendment of separation between church and state.Even though there is no distinct divide between those who support and oppose, inclusion of prayer in the system of education is more common for members of religious communities to support prayer.

They destroyed this part of our heritage, threw it away like a used scrap of paper, considered it useless in the present day.Prayer in School Pros and Cons: 5 Quotes from Each Side of Debate.

First, a student should be allowed to pray voluntarily at the beginning of each school day because the United States government was originally based on Christian principles.Court Cases: Most of the relevant legal cases ruling on the issue have occurred over the last fifty years.George Washington himself was a devout Christian, as were most of the founding fathers.

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Some people say that religion needs to be taught at school because there have been many conflicts and wars being fought where one group is tying to force their views on another, most particularly Europe.Pros and Cons of Prayer in School - Study both sides of this heated debate and learn the history behind the controversy.

Agreement is not likely to be reached soon, because people feel strongly about their opinion.Although students are free to pray on their on time or with friends, the religion liberty is protected by Constitution (Stevens, Justice in Santa Fe Independent School District v. Doe).Prayer is a way to get you through a day or pray for someone else to get through a day, to help you for a test, or to play well at your game.The children are in a way motivated to respect their religion.Even though public schools today are without school prayer, most schools have replaced.

I think prayer should be re-instated into schools, because children should be able to express religion freely.Title Length Color Rating: Religion and Prayer Must Not be Permitted in Public School Essay - Early American colonists.Prayers give the students an opportunity to practice their religion.Board of Education Dist. 71, 333 U.S. 203 (1948) -- The court found that religious instruction in public schools was unconstitutional due to a violation of the establishment clause.The hand of God directed the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution.I am writing a college-level research paper-due July 17- on why prayer in public schools should be.Since this is so, we must teach children how to deal with our religious differences.