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Article name: Use Of Employee Reward And Development Commerce essay, research paper, dissertation.Abraham Maslow and the Hierarchy of Needs After Abraham Maslow met Kurt Goldstein, who originated the concept of self-actualization, he began his movement for.When foods or products have been recalled we rely on communication by reading news papers and listening to the news.As this is above physiological needs in the hierarchy, Maslow claimed that people who were hungry would put themselves at risk to obtain food.

The module requires managers should use their theory and to consider how willing the workers are going to do the tasks.

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Essay: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

In the beginning, the introduction will offer a history and background of these two theories.

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They have decided that managers and leaders of the companies can use one of 4 leadership styles: Telling, Selling, Participating, Delegating.

Use Of Employee Reward And Development Commerce essay

Self actualization is thought to be the top need in the hierarchy of needs, or motives.Once the physiological needs were met, people would next consider their security, and the extent to which they were safe from any harm.

This involves having meaningful social interactions with others, manifested as a need for friends, a need to belong to a social group, and a need to both give and receive love.Maslow s hierarchy of needs Abraham Maslow Fundamental human needs Psychology Maslow.Maslow hierarchy of needs essay - Top affordable and professional academic writing help.

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In addition, Maslow argued that the nature of this need is such that it can never be fully satisfied, as people can always strive to better themselves and reach a higher level of achievement.

Instead, managers must find other needs that their employees possess, and look link performance to the satisfaction of these needs.In other words, it is not enough for a manager to simply pay their employees more, as pay eventually ceases to become a motivator once people have enough money.Through examinations of people who Maslow believed to be exemplary, such as Albert Einstein and Eleanor Roosevelt, Maslow claimed that people would only be motivated to perform to their fullest extent if their higher order needs would be fulfilled by said performance.Once people feel safe, secure and physiologically satisfied, they will begin to prioritise their social needs.

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Through the group report, the readers will deeply understand that the Maslows theory only can be used in the certain context, and the Hersey Blanchards theory can be used in changeable situations.In 1943, Abraham Maslow developed a theory in psychology known as the Hierarchy of Needs.

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This explains why notable people such as Einstein continued to work throughout their lives, after achieving fame, fortune and recognition.

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This report will concentrate on the similarities and differences between Maslows theory and Hersey Blanchards situational leadership module.Pradio (2011) evaluated the importance of Abraham Maslows theory in project.

He had explained that human can be motivated to satisfy the certain needs, this theory has five components within a pyramid which are described as physiological needs, safety needs, love, esteem needs and self-actualization needs.


Hersey and Blanchard worked on situational leadership model in 1970.