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He wanted to keep Germany weak so that they could not retaliate.

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A further key feature was that it worried the USA to the extent that they had to increase the numbers of NATO.

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Question The beginning of the Cold War (The Iron Curtain Speech):.The Cold War was dominated by fears of a war involving nuclear bombs, the most catastrophic weapon ever devised.This was a direct threat to US security as Cuba was located only 90 miles away from the USA.The Cold War expanded into Asia in 1949, when communist revolutionaries seized control of China.Russia offered to drop the blockade if the West withdrew their new currency, the Deutsche mark.Not only in the United States but the whole world had its fears.

A further key feature was the Thirteen Days where deliberations between the USSR and USA took place.Briefly explain the key features of the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 (6 marks).The charismatic, cigar-smoking Cuban revolutionary seized control of his island home in 1959.Both countries used vast amounts of money from the economy to fund for the nuclear weapons.

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The USA began to lift supplies into East Berlin via air ad any other decision.We will write a custom essay sample on The Cold War Dbq or any similar topic specifically for you.One reason why Stalin blockaded Berlin was because the allies joined their zones together to form Trizonia.

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This made Castro look stronger and he gained more popularity.The election of a former actor to the White House in 1980 would prove a turning point in the Cold War.

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One key feature was that Kennedy used Cuban rebels to try to overthrow Castro.

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NATO was formed as a military alliance consisting entire of Western European countries.Chapter 12: Cold War - Short Answer Essays Read the passage below.Likewise, the USSR also increased their spending on the Arms Race.

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Describe one way that the USSR re-established control in Czechoslovakia in 1968 (2 marks).

Explain why relations between the USA and USSR worsened in the years 1947-49 (12 marks).The next day the Soviets imposed a complete blockade on Berlin.

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Effects and Causes of the Cold War Essay: Topic Ideas and Summary.Blockade succeeded in blocking off all form of contact between the East and West.Describe one reason why the Allies met at Yalta in February 1945 (2 marks).It was successful and on 12th May 1949, the USSR lifted the blockade of Western Germany.

Free essay on THE COLD WAR Research Paper available totally free at, the largest free essay community.He did not want the western zones to be strong because this could be a threat to the USSR.

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The Paris Summit in 1960 collapsed because Khrushchev demanded an apology from Eisenhower over the U2.

The Cold War was waged through propaganda, popular culture and the reinforcement of social and political values.Germany did not have much money left after spending on World War II thus it was agreed that the reparation costs.

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Conquered and occupied by four different powers, the divided Germany became the crucible for the Cold War.The Berlin Blockade succeeded in blocking off all form of contact between the East and West.However, the other reasons did contribute to the worsening of relations.