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I just visited the Edwardsville Illinois Troy road McDonalds.I have to say your websites are terrible, all I wanted was a number or email to voice my opinion about the poor attitudes of the management staff at the Rte 111, Hauppauge NY store.Did you connect with the customer support team in a timely manner.My son went to go pick up his pay check and was told by Rapheal that he was fired and needed to turn in his uniform before he could have his check.Seniors with fixed incomes like myself can not afford to go there anymore.Please do not send me the employee service number, it is of no use for my complaint.I get my cappichino at Sheetz Gas and it is cheaper and better.Several Ronald McDonald Houses still collect pop tabs so they can continue keeping families close to the care and resources they need.

Incidentally, the chicken chain was tabbed as the friendliest drive-thru in a study by QSR.Todays service not only fell very short but the management style is extremely poor.Me and my husband ordered a medium coffee w 5 creams and 5 sugars. we both thought it tasted like Soap, but I thought it might be a cheaper cream they switched to.I really would really like something to be done with this store.

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Thank your for your interest in helping to improve customer service at McDonalds.

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Anyway, I will not go up there again as I NEVER want to taste that awful taste ever again.

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There is only certain food item that comes with games pcs but it does not say what certain food items.The one staff person that was making orders for the lobby would fill bags with food and yell out orders that no one was there to receive.

The other location in Everett on Evergreen Way has the absolute best customer service each and everytime.Contact information of McDonalds helpline for technical support call 800-244-6227 to solve tech issues on McDonalds phone number with 12 Mins avg. waiting ti.We are very disappointed with the quality of food and drinks 3 0f the 4 mcdonalds has in chillicothe.This problem also occurs when I ask for a Sausage egg McMuffin with Bacon and Cheese Meal.

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I just happen to be up close and personal with all this nasty stuff.I am a bank supervisor and math is not an issue for me unlike you manager at this location Mayra.I wanted the customer service number to complain and she said if I paid the full price I would get a bag with the number on it.I have stopped going to Mcdonalds since they stopped making fresh food.Tried to get a simple mcmuffin with bacon and no sausage, the young girl carefully took my order, twice.I then asked for the manager who is an absolute beast of a person, refused to help me saying she could not and would not open the register for me, which is absolute nonsense because many time at McDonalds have they opened the register to make different change or correct change for me in the past.

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They will provide u with one or two, because most of the time when customers have nuggets they dont have their sauces because they where given to customers for sandwiches and fries.Please note none of our menu items are currently certified vegetarian.I had stopped going to this McDonalds for this very reason but thought I would give it a try.I just hope that others have checked their food before eating.Example, I frequently dine at your University Mall location in Fairfax, Va.The manager came and retuned my money and told me Walmart had better iced coffee anyway.

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I was very excited about the survey offered on my receipt until I tried to do it. then came the frustration and a little anger.This is just a FYI I am a Army veteran and today is veterans day.When I entered the parking lot there were a long line of cars in the drive thru, but it was moving.I am aware that when I got to be window I had no experience and not a single minute of training.She even standing up to tell non-customers to either they are there to eat and not just hanging around and begging.Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my issues and knowledge them.We try to offer delicious menu items our customers will enjoy, so we appreciate your feedback.

The hiring policies and procedures regarding re-hire vary between these businesses.So I definitely let the Manager know about how pleated and satisfied I was about the food and that they continue.Certain restaurants may offer a special discount for seniors, those in the military or veterans, or teachers.Went to using Speedway gas station Styrofoam cup to keep your coffee warmer longer.I would love it if someone from corporate would voice their appreciation and acknowledge this individual for showing up for work and having to do double duty while putting up with exacerbated customers.They did recommend sending one email per concern in order to receive the appropriate response.One in five customer complaints are related to service, Julie Jargon at The.I recently visited your restuarant on queen street in Cardiff, went to use the baby changing facilities and to find the whole toilet including the baby changing station, floor and sink covered in feces.

Often the ice cream machines are not working which has actually become a joke between us.Check out our Full Menu, where you can see our nutrition information.The French fries were raw, the mcdoubles were cold, and my vanilla milkshake tasted like egg nog.We now go to McDonalds for coffee after many of our walks because she makes us feel welcome.When there are intern opportunities at our corporate offices, they are posted online.Please be sure to review the policies of every site you visit.I had to ask to be served my orange juice I ordered and could wait no longer because I was trying to get breakfast before attending church.

Just ordered 5 meals from Pleasantville NJ store on Black Horse Pike.It is clearly a corporate policy to make emails from customers as difficult as possible.I will be visiting the ER for my eye where the alumnium packet scrapted.I have never found an exception, a well run or even and above average location.Had a quarter pounder as well which was fine but all the small single burgers were black.Am really disappointed with the attitude l was given by the manager at Bossman station MacDonald.Everyone should have a role and do it without stumbling over the others.I never understood why McDonalds charges for their sauces when they make all the money in the world already.It would help immensely and the planet needs all the help it can get. Thanks.

Aside from the main site, the company provides links to websites showcasing its commitment to the communities, including.Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) offers a number of scholarships to a diverse group of high school students.Do you still want something, so I went ahead and ordered something.

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McDonalds Customer Service Number Canada: McDonalds Canada Customer Support Support numbers, Helpline and Fast n Easy Tips for reaching a Live person.Thats wasnt meant as a back handed compliment, but I know that it must be a challenging job when it gets really busy.For roughly 10-15 minutes they filled an empty liter they had with a soft drink and she pulled out a plastic cup and filled that also.

As I entered another customer from behind got the attention of the only supervisor on duty and called her over to a table.Just wish the cook at the store took the time to make the right decision and not serve that egg.I have had very long waits in the drive-thru because their employee forgot i was there, And last but not least I witness A woman manager I do believe she was the store manager I am not certain of this, but I witness her belittle and humiliate her employee in front of the customers of this store.I ordered and she charged full price, I went to the pay here window and was told that deal was over two weeks ago.I stop once a week for breakfast, and this by far was the best.If I gave you feedback on each individual restaurants we visited it would all be the same.I am very disappointed because I tried to call the store 4 times but no one answered.I did call them and they told me to go back and they were bribing me in a way.